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Portal Infranet Connectors

Product Details

System-specific connectors
The US interactive Customer Management Platform provides a core platform for Internet-centric customer management solutions with an ability to integrate enterprise and supply chain applications and present a single web-based view of the customer that can be extended across multiple channels and devices.

System specific Connectors are components of that platform that provide business-rich out-of-the-box connectivity to packaged applications in CRM, Billing, Order Management, Provisioning and ERP.
Technically, these connectors are protocol translators between the native syntax of a specific system and the operating system neutral and network neutral syntax used by the Info-Hub. Connectors are comprised of an Event Manager (handles event publishing), a Data Access Layer (accesses application data) and an Agent (application customization which captures events for publication). They allow reliable, bi-directional communication with an application or database without requiring complex programming. Messaging is synchronous, asynchronous or asynchronous request-response. Functionally they are lightweight because data transformation and business rules based workflow happens at the Info-Hub.

Operationally, applications can be added to the platform just by deploying connectors for them. Other integrated systems remain unchanged. Modifications to a connector can be made easily and rapidly. Underlying this is the important design objective of protecting our clients existing investments.



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