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The New Media

The influx of different mediums of communication, of which the internet is at the forefront has disintegrated the existing value chain for content providers and mediums and in turn created new and more complex value chains

Today a typical content provider has to develop content, develop a customer community, deliver multiple products to the customer and manage multiple channels and pricing models.

USInteractive offers the only complete industry solution in this sphere which provides a 360 degree view of the customer while seamlessly integrating customer management functions and channels. Our comprehensive solution set provides the "business infrastruture for digital media". Member of our firm have extensive domain knowledge and insights. In addition we have had proven groundbreaking deployments for a number of firms e.g., Sirius Radio, Massive Media Group etc.

Our Solution

Vertical Expertise


Wireless Carriers

case study: VIAG Interkom

ISPs, ASPs and CLECs

case study: Asia Online

Digital Media Companies

case study: Massive Media Group

Our Products

e2e Hub

e2e hub is the infrastructure component of the US Interactive platform that provides the foundation and tools for building internet-centric customer management solutions that connect customers, the organization and its partners collaboratively, comprehensively and in real-time.
Business process designer
Connector Development Kit

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