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Asia Online

Asia Online
Starting in Hong Kong, US Interactive worked closely with Asia Online to develop a total e-CRM strategy with new operating rules and business policies that fit the company's rapid growth model. A discovery engagement further defined the target architecture, the e-CRM software application, billing system, and the scope of the remaining implementations that needed to be phased in over time. To move the engagement forward, US Interactive utilized its innovative e2e Technology Framework to help Asia Online get their new infrastructure up and running at Internet speed.

"One of the reasons US Interactive was able to successfully deliver an e2e e-CRM solution to Asia Online as quickly as they did was their in-depth vertical knowledge and broad experience with the global ISP business," Dan Hoffman says. Hoffman, Asia Online's Managing Director and Executive Vice President of Operations, worked with US Interactive on the project. "And they knew the pace of the business. Speed to market was critical." US Interactive Award Winning e-Services for work performed on behalf of Financial News Network Top Honors

In addition, Hoffman says, US Interactive's innovative e2e Framework Technology pre-built components helped the implementation process tremendously. The e2e Technology Framework integrates the back-end applications to present a single, unified e-View on the Web for customers, customer service representatives (CSRs), partners and, in the process, streamlines the entire customer interaction process.

The e2e solution that US Interactive delivered to Asia Online is quick, flexible, and easily scalable. It enables flow-through of customer processes, and brings the right information to the most critical point– where Asia Online interacts with their customers.

"Partnering with US Interactive, companies like Asia Online can design their infrastructure to support both current and future global growth," says US Interactive's Rajib Das. "Our total e2e solution improves customer response, reduces the cost of operations, eliminates downtime, and provides critical real-time information where and when it's needed. US Interactive's e2e Technology Framework is designed to enhance the integration process so clients can get ramped-up quickly."

Using the resources available through its Alliance Network, US Interactive installed a number of best-of-breed applications. One of the first, the Portal Infranet® billing system, is an easily configurable platform that enables communications providers like Asian Online to add new services on a real-time basis, including support for complex pricing, bundling and rating, discounting, co-branding, royalties and remittances, and cross-selling. US Interactive is a Gold Partner with Portal, a leading supplier of billing applications to the telecommunications industry and, as a result, maintains one of the largest Portal Infranet practices worldwide.

At the same time, US Interactive also installed the Vantive TelcoCare CRM, an application that provides a single, unified view of all customer interactions. Vantive TelcoCare is a customized extension of Vantive developed by US Interactive to ensure swift implementation of e-CRM solutions. This single view helps reduce call handling time for the company's CSRs, and increases operational efficiency and effectiveness.

As part of its vertical expertise, US Interactive has customized Vantive for leading communications companies like Asia Online. With the plug-in advantages of the e2e Technology Framework, Vantive TelcoCare can be seamlessly integrated into multiple billing and provisioning systems. Using the same approach, US Interactive has developed extensions and Integration Patterns for other leading e-CRM packaged applications.

"Speed to market is essential to winning in the Internet economy," Rajib Das adds. "The US Interactive e2e solution was designed to give Asia Online a unified e-CRM and integrated billing system that's perfect for their current needs and that will sustain future expansion. The fact that we were able to implement a solution in just five months is a testament to the vision, skills, and energy of both companies."

US Interactive's Technology Framework and Integration Patterns (i-Patterns) have redefined e-solutions delivery from a time-to-value perspective. i-Patterns are a set of customer interaction templates for different segments of the communications industry. Together with the e2e Connectors and the e2e Technology Framework, they help deliver complete e2e e-business solutions quickly and efficiently. US Interactive has built i-Patterns for ISPs, data Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC), wireline, and wireless industries.

Using US Interactive's e2e Hub and e2e Connectors– including critical path e-mail management system, Interliant Web hosting system, and Sun accounting system connectors– all the applications were quickly integrated into a single platform. The result is a customer service interaction process that is seamless, faster, and more responsive than the competitions'. The US Interactive solution enables flow-through execution of customer processes, and brings the richness of all relevant information to the point of customer interaction, whether on the Web or the company's call center. As a result, Asia Online's superior customer service has now become a clear competitive advantage, and one of their strongest selling points in a fast-paced market.

"US Interactive is a tremendous business partner for Asia Online," Hoffman says. "They provided us with the overall strategy, and technical talent, to design and build our e2e e-business solution. In a span of four months, US Interactive created an e2e e-business solution that is currently being rolled out to several properties across Asia-Pacific."

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