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Asia Online

Asia Online
As one of the largest ISPs in Asia, Asia Online was acquiring properties across the Pacific Rim at a scorching pace. But to sustain this rapid growth, Asia Online needed an IT infrastructure that would streamline their customer operations and deliver superior customer service more efficiently. Not just for its established operations in Hong Kong, China, and Australia, but for future acquisitions as well. At the same time, they were looking for a strategic partner, one who could deliver a total e2e solution when and where they needed it. They chose US Interactive.

USI's solution...

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Wireless Carriers

case study: VIAG Interkom

ISPs, ASPs and CLECs

case study: Asia Online

Digital Media Companies

case study: Massive Media Group

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e2e hub is the infrastructure component of the US Interactive platform that provides the foundation and tools for building internet-centric customer management solutions that connect customers, the organization and its partners collaboratively, comprehensively and in real-time.
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