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CRM Integration: Modeling Customer Facing Business Processes

With a customer centric view, distributed business processes spanning CRM and other backend enterprise applications would be defined at this time. Modeling integration business processes would typically require a business process design tool. If US Interactive's e2eHub is used, the e2eHub provides a robust and sophisticated graphical Business Process Designer. Otherwise US Interactive would use the appropriate tool specific to any other EAI platform selected by the client. US Interactive provides pre-built business process definitions for most customer facing CRM processes. Where applicable these will be considered, to reduce the costs and time of development.
If the company has already invested in business process definitions based on existing EAI investments, US Interactive's approach to developing the CRM solution would leverage those investments.

EAI: Application Connectivity
Application connectivity can be a resource intensive challenge and a key element of the Integration solution. US Interactive has more than 50 man-years of developing Application connectivity to different generations of Enterprise applications in a seamless fashion. We work with any systems whether they are developed using JAVA or C++ environments, client server based applications or legacy applications. Our teams have built connectors or adapters on leading middleware products from BEA, Tibco etc. In addition, USI offers pre-built connectivity using e2eHub with many of the industry standard applications and where applicable these will be considered in order to reduce the costs and time of development. If the company has already invested in application connectivity based on existing EAI investments, US Interactive's approach for application connectivity would leverage those investments.

Solution deployment, Integration testing and User Testing
US Interactive would deploy the solution on a staging system in order to perform integration testing of all the components of solution. User testing with participation of potential end-users also would also be performed. US interactive can assist in this or the company can own the responsibility of the user testing.

Data Migration and Data Load
US Interactive will provide services to migrate existing data into new applications, including the conversion of data. We will also provide services for the initial data load and any development requirement for data load and data synchronization.

Pre-production planning, launch support, production readiness
US Interactive will provide services in planning the solution deployment in production, supporting the production launch, and providing the guidelines for production readiness. US Interactive will also provide services to create operational run-books for operational staff on the production system.

Post-production operational support
US Interactive will provide services for post-production support of the deployed solution. These services include operational management to ensure uptime, on-going operational activities such as backup/restore, archival activities, and system maintenance activities.

Offshore development services
US Interactive has proven offshore development and quality services with over 75 man-years of experience in delivering web applications and Integration development offshore. This helps in reducing your cost of development. We also have an excellent track record and extensive experience in distributed development with on-site and off-site to balance the costs and optimize the execution time.

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